Scholarship Update

October 2018 EWC2 Scholarship News

So looking forward to our General Meeting.  We had talked last year about establishing an Endowment Scholarship at Florida Polytechnic in the name of our club to ensure that our efforts continue into perpetuity.   Normally this is reserved for major contributors (over $100,000), but Florida Polytechnic is willing to let us do ours at $25,000, giving us 5 years from the date we begin to meet that goal   Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?    Well, we already have $6,000+ that was raised in the form of donations made in memory of our members who have passed and extra money we have raised at different functions.  So if we contribute that amount now, we have another 5 years to raise $19,000.   If we meet that goal, then the EWC2 name lives forever in our contribution to the University.   We can set the parameters for the scholarship recipients just like we do with our regular, annual contribution.   But this is definitely do-able!   

I will be proposing this to our members at the General Meeting - one of only three that we have now for a vote.   

The greatest thing is that this in no way changes the regular, yearly scholarship that we give as a result of our dues.   This is an additional scholarship, and a great way to make sure that the history of our club is remembered forever.   

Scholarship and Social Outreach

Our Scholarship program is funded through our membership dues. Currently 40% of all dues collected are reserved for our fund. Each year we award a scholarship to a Junior or Senior attending Florida Polytechnic University working towards an engineering degree. To date, we have provided over $55,500 in scholarship awards.

During the Holiday Season, we partner with Parker Street Ministries for their Annual Toy Drive.

2015~2016 Outreach program supported The Porch Light Foundation's Safe Home that provides a refuge for young girls that have been victims of sex~trafficking by providing a van~load of household products to aid in the daily maintenance of the house.

Please join us in congratulating our 2017 scholarship award winner, Ecieno Carmona with this year’s scholarship of $1,097 for his outstanding accomplishments! He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering as a Junior, he enjoys a 3.89 GPA. In addition to his job as a full time student, our winner works 3 additional jobs to attend school. Sesha Srinivasan, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University, says of him “he is the type of student that all professors want in their classes; intelligent, imaginative, sociable and highly motivated.” Probably the best indication of the quality of student we have selected this year is found in his own words. When asked why he was passionate about engineering , he said: “To put it simply, I love solving problems. From simple math equations to complex designs, if it is a challenge, I want to find a solution to it.”