Engineers’ Wives Club and Engineer Women's Club

Fostering social relationships amongst members and their families by sponsoring programs in the interest of Education, Social Welfare and Philanthropy.



​​​Who are We?

 The  Engineers' Wives Club was organized May 26, 1955 by wives of engineers  working in beautiful Polk County, Florida. It was felt that wives who  were often left alone while their engineer husbands worked long hours,  sometimes in foreign lands, needed the support of friends who would  understand their unique situation.
When the club was originally  formed, some thought it should be an auxiliary of the local branch of  the American Institute of Chemical Engineers but it was quickly decided  to include wives of all kinds of engineers and scientists. 

Some Perspective on the Past:

 In  1955, Governor Adlai Stevenson told the Graduates of Smith College that  in modern America the home is not the boundary of a woman’s life. There  are “outside activities aplenty.” And that “it’s a woman’s job to keep  her man straight on the differences between Botticelli and Chianti.” In  1955, the Dean of Penn State’s Engineering College said, “Women are NOT  for engineering,” and that women lacked the basic capacities to become  engineers. And, because engineers spent relatively little time with  their wives, engineers working in the college should not be tempted with  the idea of allowing women into the department. But women are more than  wives and wine stewards (although knowing where to find a good Chianti  isn’t a bad thing). In 1955, a few engineer wives organized a club with  the intention of supporting one another as well as the community. And  support our community we have. Since our inception, EWC has donated over  $55,500 in scholarships to deserving local engineering students. 

Moving Forward into the Future:

 Now,  sixty years later, we have broadened our organization by including  women engineers - a career path that was unheard of in 1955. And with  our new inclusive name, we will continue our journey growing  relationships between ourselves and our community as a group of even  more vibrant and diverse women. These are the exact same goals that the  ladies envisioned on May 26, 1955. 

So welcome to the new EWC Squared!!!